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Branded books, white papers, and superbly-written guides are a proven way to increase brand awareness and grow your fan base.

A recent client of mine was in the process of growing his list for a product he planned to release at a later date. Part of his strategy included getting webinar sign-ups as a first-stop through his sales funnel.

Reasonable, right? Webinars are a proven lead magnet.

We ran ads on Facebook and quickly discovered people liked the Facebook ad, but for whatever reason they weren’t really signing up for his webinar, not the way one would expect. We tweaked the ad. We tweaked the landing page. The numbers were still dismal.

Based on my research of his target audience (and the behavior they repeatedly demonstrated by not signing up for his webinars), I decided to put the webinar content into a 9-page report. I included research, citations, and graphics. We had one of our designers create an attractive book cover for the short guide.

And boom.

Opt-ins increase by more the 300%.

Here’s a freebie for you: It doesn’t matter what other marketers and gurus are doing nearly as much as it matters how your target audience is responding to what you’re doing. There is no magic bullet, no one-size-fits-all method of growing your brand online.

Some information is best shared in written form. And some people are more likely to do business with you when you’ve released something of value, like a book, white paper or guide that provides.

How One Phone Conversation Turns Into an eBook

I urge all of my clients to turn their expertise into products, whether books, blog posts, infographics, videos or training courses. EBooks are a good first product for any business or professional to have.

My process is simple: In order to write your book, all I need is 60 to 90 minutes on the phone with you. In 90 minutes, I can get enough information from you to write a fluff-free 50-page eBook that you can sell or give away to generate leads.

For you, the time investment is minimal, and the effort you put forth is minimal. From my conversation with you, my team and I will produce an outline, table of contents, write your book, and edit your book.

In the process, I conduct research, fact-check, add in-text citations, and build out a reference section for your book. Finally, I send everything over to my designer to format your book and design your book cover.

I only offer this eBook writing service to my professional clients who are interested in creating how-to books. No biographies.  No memoirs. The entire process takes less than 10 days.

No Time Investment Needed from You At All to Create a Guide

Guides are nonfiction educational material that I can usually research and write on my own without any input from you. We create an objective, assess the needs of your target audience, then create a report that will keep your customers clamoring to hear from you. It’s as simple as that.

Using eBooks, guides, reports and white papers to generate build your brand and generate leads is a tried and true marketing tactic. Let me help you build your library of intellectual properties that you own and can leverage to strengthen your reputation and build your business.

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