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To grow your local business, there’s one thing you need to master besides your craft – creating content that helps your customers find you, trust you, and buy from you.

One of the biggest challenges emerging brands and small businesses face is finding the time to market their businesses in a way that is affordable and effective.

It’s not easy.

If creating content isn’t your business, and you don’t have time to learn, my team and the solution.

We help small businesses, solopreneurs, public figures, and through leaders use articles, books, videos, training courses, and social media posts to build their brand and get more customers.


Will Alexa Find Your Business When Reggie Runs Out of Coke? 

I peeped this little gem during the Elite Eight during March Madness 2017. And it stunned me. I thought I had a few more years to help businesses get things in order before Alexa sort of took over the Internet.

Here’s the ugly truth no one wants to think about: In the next 18 months, your customers will begin searching the web almost exclusively using phone icons to access apps and voice to access search engine results.  My question to you is:

Will Alexa be able to offer your company to your customers as an option when they conduct voice searches?

My team and I specialize in creating content that helps businesses get found online.

Your website and social media play a huge role in whether your clients are able to find you online. The speed at which your website loads, its design, and the user experience all play a part in how search engines rank your site.

But the most important ranking factor is the quality of the content on your site – that means the message it sends and the value it provides site visitors. 

Each service I offer is designed to help you establish a strong brand online that does one thing and one thing only: Help your customers find you.  So let’s talk about the services I offer.

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SEO Services for Your Website

With search engine optimization services, I audit the content on your site to align your content with your business goals. That means doing research to find out what your customers are searching for online and using that information to identify the keywords and keyword phrases you should be using in your content.

That means identifying your site’s strengths and weaknesses, and suggesting fixes. That means tweaking the articles, images and media on your site’s pages to ensure your pages show up high in Google search results.

Finally, it means adding your business to local business directory listings and updating the information in your social profiles so that it is also search engine optimized.

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Done-For-You Content Published to Your Website and Social Media Accounts Daily

One of the more time-consuming aspects of content marketing is creating the actual content. According to Hubspot (a resource website for content marketers), it takes the average marketer 1-2 hours to write a 500-word blog post. And let me tell you – 500 words is nothing when it comes to blogging.

For you, finding 1 – 2 hours every day to blog is one thing. Figuring out what to blog about for an hour or two every day is an altogether different story.

I automate the content creation process for you.

At the beginning of our agreement, you and I will sit down to talk about your short-term business goals, and craft a content strategy that supports your mission.

A strong content plan incorporates company-wide, regional, national, and cultural special events. With an action plan in hand, I will create a monthly content calendar, complete with company events, product releases, national holidays, monthly awareness holidays, and hashtag holidays. My team and I will create your content weekly and schedule it to publish 1, 3, or 4 times a week.

The Brand Builder package features 1 piece of premium content, which will be an infographic or a 10-page report for your industry. That means every month, you get a premium piece of content that you can either sell or use to generate leads for your business.

Anytime you can add to your intellectual property portfolio, you’ve done a smart thing.

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Refresh & Repost – Update the Content On Your Site

One thing I warn my clients against is getting in the one-and-done mindset. When it comes to web technology and the Internet of Things, there’s no such thing as one-and-done. As the web evolves, so much the web strategy for your business.

Just as you update your wardrobe to maintain your brand’s persona, you need to update your website and your site’s content. That means taking a second look at older content and updating it. I call this The Refresher.

Refreshing the content on your site is a good practice to adopt. You do it when you add new products or update the product descriptions when you modify your service offerings. You should also consider updating individual posts if they become outdated, and republish them both to your site and your social media accounts.

Don’t worry about the possibility your audience has already seen it. There will always be people in your network who missed a piece the first time you promoted it. Or maybe your content didn’t apply to them then, but their situation has since changed and a re-post would grab their attention. And of course, there are new people in your network now.

Use The Refresher to revise, update and republish valuable content you’ve already published to your website.

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Use EBooks and Guides to Build Your Brand and Generate Leads

The one thing all marketers and sales professionals know as one of the keys to their success is the ability to generate enough leads. Sales is a numbers game. In the beginning, you may only be able to convert 1% of your prospects into paying customer.

So, your best bet is to increase the number of prospect you have while also improving your sales technique.

In the world of digital marketing, one of more effective ways to convert site visitors to prospects is by trading education for contact information.

Bundling kick-butt strategies into an easy-to-read eBook or guide that your site’s visitors can download and maybe share with their network is one way to convert people into prospects, generate leads, and build your brand.

I specialize in helping busy professionals, thought leaders, and small businesses turn expertise into information products such as books, guides and courses. We can turn a short, 90-minute conversation about you into an on-brand, 50-page eBook that you can sell at your next workshop, or give away for free to generate leads.

And the time investment required from you to complete the project generally doesn’t exceed two hours.

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I know from experience, running your business is more than enough work to do without having to master digital marketing. So get the help you need and let someone who understands the nuances of content marketing take the lead on that aspect of growing your brand.

Get more information on my services, and inquire about custom packages and short-term contract work by calling me at (678) 466-9336. I am in the Greater Atlanta area.

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