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I was browsing Upwork for interesting projects and came across one for an IT company that needs SEO help. I checked out the company’s website and its social. I never got around to submitting my actual proposal to do the SEO work because after seeing their digital footprint, I decided to just offer some advice. My advice was so spot-on for many of the SaaS and IT companies I’ve done copy for that I decided to make it a blog post. Enjoy and deploy.

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I’m going to lead with a peculiar statement and that is this: I’m not sure what it is you do.

That may or may not be a bad thing, depending on who your client typically is. If your clients are other tech stars, huzzah! You are probably winning!

If they are regular Joes like me (I literally read your website, then went and made a cup of coffee before coming back again), you may have a UX issue as well.

The next thought I’m going to lead with is that I may not be the best fit for your team. I say that because if someone on your team cannot de-nerd your home page for me, I’ll be no good to you.

But I am a helluva SEO writer and a brilliant content strategist, if I do say so myself. So, I do have recommendations for you.


Get rid of sentences like these: “Our company provides a wide range of Project Management and Installation Services to meet your business needs.” Found it on your IT Project Management page. You get one or two sentences to drive the point home before your prospect’s eyes start to glaze over. SKIP THE FILLER. NEVER FILLER. Go straight to their problem, the pain it causes them, and how you solve the problem.


Only write about what your customers are searching Google for answers to. None of your customers are searching the term “Redundant IT Support.” But they are white-knuckling their phones and dashing around the office punching in stuff like:

“What to do when your IT network is down.”

“How do I choose an IT support team?”

And saying stuff like…

“OK Google, how do I repair a broken network fast?”

The words your customers use to conduct Google searches are your KEYWORDS, and keywords are what Google is looking for to connect your solution to their problem.

Use keywords in your blog titles and throughout your blog content at a density of about 2% to 4% (2 to 4 keywords to every 100 words in your blog post).


I see you’re making use of your Facebook page. I have one suggestion: Stop talking just about technology. If you MUST tech-it-up, how about telling people the inner workings that must be in place for the Oscars to go off without a hitch? How about just putting up a cool quote or two that the funniest guy in the office said? What about a 10-second Instagram series called, “What I hate about tech guys”? Just be people like 30% of the time and techxperts the other 60%.

Oh, 10% of the time, you’re going to be asking for the sale.

That should get you started.

I’ve attached my resume for you to review. I can help you. Contact me. -Sorilbran

P.S. – *** If you have the resources, consider updating the look of your website. Go full-width, bold colors, clean design. When it comes to your home page, choose graphics + headlines over paragraphs. Easier to grab people’s attention that way.  I’ve attached a picture of how your current home page looks on my phone. So many words. It’s like a Stevie Wonder song.




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