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Done-For-You, Multimedia Blog and Social Content

Done-For-You, Multimedia Blog and Social Content

The Internet is one thing and one thing only – content. So, if you plan to make your mark online, it’s time to get serious about your content.

When I first started in digital publishing, I worked remotely for an east coast boutique marketing irm. At the time, I had no real concept of how digital publishing industry was changing the way we communicate. All I knew was I wanted to go into publishing, and since I’m a hands-on type of person, I knew that meant working in the industry, not just reading about it.

So, without really understanding the importance of what I was doing, the first skill I learned as a professional writer was how to create search engine optimized content using geo-locational keywords.

A few years later when I began selling a diet product as a side hustle, I built a tiny website and created blog content. I knew doing so would boost me to the front page of Google for my main two or three keyword phrases.

The Secret to Getting to the Top of Google Search Results

In a very short span of time, I went from passing out cards and hoping people would call me to having $600 days. I always asked my customers how they found me, and without fail, they would say they found me on Google. 

Never my business card.

Never my eye-catching flyers.


Of course, I stopped ordering business cards. I didn’t need to pass out any more flyers. I just made sure I published SEO content to my website regularly and cross-promoted to Facebook and Twitter. (Back then, Twitter wasn’t as noisy as it is now, and Facebook had just launched its business pages.)

Brand Message + Audience + Content Planning = Results

What got me to the front page of Google?

SEO tricks? No.

Plugins and analytics software? No.

What got me to the front page of Google was knowing how to create, publish and promote keyword-optimized content for my audience. I knew how they searched online. I learned where they hung out online. I  used articles, images, and a video or two to promote my website and my product.

And the Google bots that run the Internet rewarded my efforts.

Here’s the big, simple takeaway about creating content: When you know your audience and you know your message, you can create content for your audience that makes them want to work with you, buy from you, and become raving fans.

The Challenge Most Businesses Face Creating Content

The biggest challenge most emerging brands and small businesses face is finding the time to do the work needed to produce content that will resonate with the audience.

It’s not easy.

If creating content isn’t your business, learning how to do it right takes time and energy you may not have. This is especially true of my client base which is made up of solopreneurs, thought leaders, inventors and micro business owners.

The last thing you want or need is ONE MORE THING TO DO.

I understand. As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve been there and done that.

As a content strategist, I specialize in doing the seven things needed to create powerful content:

  • Identify your business goals
  • Shape your message
  • Learn about your audience
  • Find out where your audience hangs out online
  • Create SEO content that will resonate with them
  • Promote that content in a way your audience would like to receive it
  • Publish and republish your content in as many media and on as many platforms as you can and still have impact
  • Track the results to make sure we’re on target to meet your business goals

I know from experience, running your business is more than enough work to do without having to master digital marketing. So get the help you need and let someone who understands the nuances of content marketing take the lead on that aspect of growing your brand.

I have several content packages available. Choose one. Let’s run with it. 
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