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content gives you staying power. i give you content.

Over the course of more than 10 years as a professional writer, I’ve created:

Written Articles

Books & Guides


Membership Sites

Who I Am and What I Do

I am Sorilbran (pronounced soh RILL brin), an Atlanta-based content strategist and digital project manager. I create and curate optimized content for experts, thought leaders, organizations, and companies.


Blog Articles

I write well-research, optimized niche articles daily, both long-form and short-form.

SEO Strategy

I began my writing career working for a local seo firm. My default setting is to make all things optimized.

Branded Content

I use multimedia content to shape your audience’s perception of you. My clients have been featured with MSNBC,,, Forbes, and The Economist,to name a few.

Content Strategy

Tell me what you want to accomplish and I can tell you what to say and to whom to say it.

Books and Guides

I pen high-value, prescriptive books and guides for experts, thought leaders, and business magnates.

Daily Nurturing

Let’s keep your audience engaged with targeted, high-value emails and newsletters to strengthen your relationship with your audience.

I help experts turn their knowledge into books, courses, & products. Let’s talk about your project. Call me at (678) 466-9336, Mon – Fri 9AM to 4PM.


“Sorilbran is the real deal. Her regard for quality work is unparalleled... An excellent communicator (listening, processing, writing, and speaking), Sorilbran is an enthusiastic partner ­ even, or especially when the project gets challenging. I loved working with her and recommend her to anyone who needs depth and reliability from a partner in content acquisition and analytics.”

Ben Doepke, Former Senior Program Designer at Seek Company

I was very impressed with her level of knowledge, from grasping my concept to completing an amazing call to action for my site. Very friendly and worked with me until the project was perfect. Took it upon herself to help me out with other items that will help boost my traffic. She really went above and beyond with this project. ”

Morgan Phipps, CEO of Brand Owl Promotions

"I sent you over a total mess of a post, and you made it cohesive. You tied the intro into the body into the conclusion... You added all kinds of funny references! You even added in larger chunks of content that were just missing. And those helped the flow so much. My posts always feel really haphazard. You made it so much better! And I really appreciate every little nuance of awesomeness that you worked into it!"

Lauren Jung, Co-Founder,

"SJ is a rare talent, who I will work with again and again as soon as I have the opportunity."

Glen Williamson, author of Master the Sales Conversation

Great - her experience at creating professional well-structured content was very clear. I did not require a lot of research for my piece but she took the time to research anyway. SJ would be a great investment for anyone that wants to just simply give a topic and have a great piece written.

Charlene D, Academic Coach – Great Britain

MY Most popular product: ARTICLES for experts

By far, my most popular service is ghostwriting authority articles for experts. I can mimic your writing voice so the post is authentically you. I understand how to write in a way that captures the essence of who you are and what you value.

Your audience won’t be able to tell the difference between your polished writing and my ghostwriting. I craft targeted messages and posts that will resonate with YOUR audience.

I create the following branded content for my clients:

Articles, blog posts, capabilities statements, capabilities decks, bios, resumes and CVs,  guest posts, interviews, and Q&As. 

Let me help you cement your brand online.  Expert articles starting at $67

Meet that deadline. Get Expert Articles in as little as 2 Days.

Call me at (678) 466 – 9336

MY Most popular packages

Business Website

This package delivers an 8-page mobile-responsive, search engine optimized website. It also includes copy for all your pages, 1000 business directory listings, a lead capture form, and EITHER 8 optimized blog posts OR up to 25 products. Turnaround time 3 weeks

Price: $1599*

Turn a 90-MInute Conversation Into a 50-Page Book

The easiest way to write a business or personal development book for many people is to talk it out. Let’s schedule a time when you can have focused, engaged conversation and I will handle the rest. Turnaround time: 4 weeks

Price: $1999*

Launch a Membership Site

Get your premium content to your audience and create recurring income for yourself with a membership site. Use a WordPress-based tool like PaidMemberships Pro or MemberMouse, or a separate member-management  platform like Thinkific or Kajabi. Turnaround time 3 weeks.

Price: $999 and up

20-Page Opt-In for Generating Leads

A short downloadable guide is a great way to get new leads and cement your reputation as an expert in your space. Order a prescriptive, actionable, well-researched how-to guide that is both engaging and on-brand. Turnaround time: 3 weeks

Price: $529*

Refresh Outdated Content

Refresh and Repost allows us to go through your site’s pages to find broken links, duplicate content, old stats, and outdated “blog language” ((which is a lot like outdated colloquialisms)  and update everything. This little ritual not only helps boost your site rankings, it also helps cement your credibility. Turnaround time varies.

Price: $499 and up

Get Found on Google with SEO

Next to great content, search engine optimization is the Holy Grail of content creation. I created this basic SEO service specficially for clients who need existing pages on their website optimized for search engines. Consider this that all-important first step in preparing your website for better visibility. Turnaround time for first 10 pages is 10 days.

Price: $299 and up

So, what will it be? The 50-page book? Content refresh? A new website?

Your project may qualify for my 30-day payment plan. Call me at (678) 466 – 9336

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Whatever it is you intend to have accomplished by this time next year, I can help you. Start your project today. Call Sorilbran (soh RILL brin) at (678) 466 – 9336 9AM to 4PM EST.